Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

The Law Office of Matthew T. Miklave, PLLC provides world-class legal services in all aspects of employment, civil rights, traditional labor relations and human resource matters at affordable rates. Matt proudly works with clients to overcome the barriers preventing individuals, corporations, non-profits, emerging ventures, and small businesses from accessing the legal market in time of need. Matt is proud to offer alternative fee models for clients.

Please note that in any litigation, under applicable state bar rules, clients remain responsible for any actual costs (not including legal fees) incurred in litigation without regard to the outcome.

Traditional Hourly Fee Model

Most attorneys traditionally bill clients by the hour, with time rounded upward to the nearest tenth of an hour (0.10 or in six-minute increments).  Many clients find this arrangement an accepted and easy to understand approach.  For these clients, Matt offers the same “hourly fee model” and bills clients $500.00 per hour.

For non-profit and charitable organizations, in keeping with Matt’s commitment to the community, Matt offers a discounted hourly fee model.  In recognition of the charitable nature of their mission, non-profit organizations providing religious, charitable, or educational services or services directed at historically underserved communities will be charged a discounted rate of $300.00 per hour.

Retainer Clients.  In addition to the traditional hourly fee model, Matt offers clients with frequent need for discrete advice and counsel, and which need a more predictable fee arrange, a ‘retainer fee” option.  Clients electing to engage the Law Office as a Retainer-Client pay a monthly fee of $500.00 ($6,000.00 per year).  Retainer-Clients may take advantage of unlimited “on call” consultation and advice by telephone or video calls on any discrete covered matter (employment, civil rights, labor relations or human resources issues impacting individuals and businesses) of 15 minutes or less.  Should additional time be necessary to address the client’s issue, Retainer-Clients pay a reduced hourly rate of $400.00 for actual time incurred over the initial 15-minute consultation

Fixed Fee (Limited Representation) and A La Carte Fee Options

Recognizing that many individuals and small businesses cannot and should not sign up to give lawyers a “blank check,” the Law Office offers limited-representation fee models based on clients.  The Law Office invites you to explore its “A La Carte Menu” models:

A la Carte Menu

Representation before State and Federal Administrative Agencies (United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [“EEOC”], Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities [“CHRO”], New York State Division of Human Rights [“NYSDHR”], and New York City Commission of Human Rights [NYCCHR”])

Position Statement – Preparation of a position statement in response to a charge of discrimination and representation through the initial Case Assessment Review or scheduling of Fact-Finding Conference or Mediation: $3,000.00

Mediation – Preparation for and attendance at the CHRO’s mandatory mediation conference: $1,000.00 per mediation day (one day minimum).

Fact Finding Conference Attendance – Preparation for and attendance at the CHRO Fact Finding Conference: $1,500.00 per conference day (one day minimum)

Trial – $5,000.00 per trial day, including trial and witness preparation (one day minimum)

Employee Handbook — $2,500.00 per handbook

Review of template modified by client: $1,000.00

Supervisory training during handbook rollout:  $750.00 (90-minute remote program, unlimited attendees)

Employment Policies — $500 per policy


Equal Employment Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Avoidance

Family and Medical Leave

Grievance Policy

Paid Leave

Paid Sick Leave

Personal Leave of Absence

Vacation Leave

Work from Home

Employment Agreements — New Employee, Executive or Manager

Drafting of Executive Employment Agreement: $2,500.00

Review of Agreement Terms and Recommendations: $750.00

Advice and counsel with respect to negotiation of terms: $500.00

Demand letter to New Employer: $250.00

Negotiation of Terms: N/A (hourly rate only)

Separation Agreement

Review of Contract Terms and Recommendations: $500.00

Advice and Counsel with respect to negotiation of terms: $500.00

Demand Letter to Former Employer: $500.00

Negotiation of Separation Terms: N/A (hourly rate only)

Post-Employment Restriction Agreements (Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation, Confidentiality)

Review of Contract Terms and Recommendations: $1,500.00

Advice and Counsel with Respect to Terms: included

Demand letter to Former Employer: $1,000.00

Negotiation of Modification or Avoidance: $1,000.00

Supervisory and Manager Training (Remote, Live-Interactive, Unlimited Attendees) — $1,500 (remote leaning program; if on-site, add travel time at $250 per hour)

Sexual Harassment and Avoidance Training

Manager Training 101

“I was the Manager of a Unionized Workforce and Survived”

Litigation Avoidance Training:  Building Fairness into the Process